2017 Top Ten – St. Louis Photography Studio

2017 was an amazing year!  I thought I should take some time to look back on my favorite images of the year and reflect on what makes them so special to me. 



Coming in at #10 is an awesome image from a session won through a drawing I held at Recycled Youth Resale.  This brother and sister duo were so much fun to photograph.  At this age it can sometimes be a struggle to get siblings to stand near each other at all but the biggest issue with these two was getting them hug a little less tightly! 



This next picture features one of my favorite little guys who came in a few times last year.  This baby, with his HUGE smile, was only 3 months old at the time!  Getting a grin out a baby that age can be a bit tricky but this little man was all smiles the whole session! 



I love it when grandparents come along for sessions.  I love it even more when they want to get in on the fun!  This grandma came in from out of country to help welcome this sweet little boy.  I just love the way she snuggled right up with him. 



I had the honor this fall to capture my best friend’s son and his cousins.  I love this image because it really shows how close these kids really are.  That and because getting 6 kids to all lay still together is quite an accomplishment! 



At #6 is one of my favorite theme set ups of the year.  When this little man’s parents said that they were huge St. Louis Blues fans, I had the perfect backdrop in mind!  Look at him just “chillin out”. 



“We like to go dancing, can we incorporate that?”  That question was music to this photographer’s ears!  This couple was so much fun during their maternity session.  Fun note, This bump is also the baby with grandma in entry #8! 



This image actually made me tear up when I was editing it.  I wish so much that I had a touching image like this of my own kids. 



It’s not the classic nature of this newborn image that makes it a favorite, though I do really love any picture that is simple and clean.  This image is special because of what we discovered while looking the the finished images.  Dad said to me, “Oh that’s cool, you photo-shopped our name on the box.”  I looked at him confused because I had not altered the box at all.  On closer inspection we realized that the box just happened to have their last name on it! 



I don’t feel like this special image needs much explanation as to why it made it to #2.  These two little miracles were born almost 3 months early but were complete rock stars during their NICU stay.  It was a pleasure to pop in a few weeks before they went home to document this special time.  The whole family is doing great and we just shot a followup family session.



And finally #1!!!!  This little man has been in every 3 months and we are now planning his first birthday session.  I am going to be so sad when his 1st year plan is up and I don’t get to see him all the time!  This is not only my favorite image from his sessions, but my favorite for the whole year because of how simple, clean and classic it is.  This, to me, shows his semi serious yet playful personality. 



I hope that you all have enjoyed looking over this list as much as I did putting it together..  The thing is, while this may be a “Top 10” for the year, there are so many more pictures that could easily have been substituted in.  The curse of loving what you do is that it can be hard to pick out “best” moments.  Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to doing what I can to make your 2018 as photogenic as possible!  Happy New Year!