Chesterfield Community Preschool – Small Business Spotlight

Hi and welcome to my very first Small Business Profile! I hope to make this a regular feature in which I will try to provide a snapshot of a small business in the area in order to get the word out about some great local businesses.

For my inaugural article, I am happy to feature Chesterfield Community Preschool! CCP is a Montessori style Micro School with an aim of providing a quality education for children from ages 3 to 6. Birdie, the school’s founder and director has over 8 years of experience as an educator and had a very personal reason for creating the school.

She says; “As a teacher, affording preschool or childcare for my three children seemed impossible so I put my certifications and experience to work and started my own program.” Her own son was only a few weeks old when the school opened and has essentially been “raised” by 14 preschoolers! They think of him as just like themselves and eagerly offer to babysit.


Image provided by CCP

Image provided by CCP

Birdie went on to say that she is most proud of “[The School’s] diverse and loving collection of families that make up our school community.” Chesterfield Community Preschool is working toward offering full day options as opposed to only half day programs and establishing a sister school that would be a Montessori inspired farmstead!

Image provided by CCP

Image provided by CCP

Birdie wants to tell prospective families; “We aren’t a fancy school and don’t have the offerings of larger institutions, but we love our students and families and take pride in the program offered. We think Montessori should be accessible to anyone and we hope we’re doing our part to educate families on the philosophy.”

Enrollment is open now so visit to learn more about the school and submit an application. Mention this Small Business Spotlight to have your application fee waived!


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