Heirloom Spotlight: Folio Boxes – St. Louis Fine Art Photographer

One of things that make me stand out from other St. Louis Area Photographers is my focus on providing high quality Heirloom pieces and Wall Art for my clients as opposed to just a bunch of pictures stored digitally on a computer or USB.  I really believe that the point of beautiful portraits is displaying them in your home and enjoy your pictures and to share them with family and friends.  Most importantly having printed art allows you to easily share the images with your children and someday your grandchildren making them generational heirlooms.

So today, I wanted to share one of my most popular products with you!

(scroll to the bottom to see a video of the Folio Box!)

This is my Customized Folio Box!  It is made of solid Walnut with a glass window in the lid.  The image in the window is easy to swap out when you want to mix it up a little!


The Box is 8×10 and holds matted 5×7 prints.  I offer 20 or 30 image options and you can even add a matching USB drive of all the digital images in your Collection, which fits into a slot on the inner lid.

As I said, the Folio Box is a top seller for me and people love having the option of having a stack of matted prints to frame, display on a picture leg or even give to family and friends!