Little Baby Yoda – St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Not so long ago, in a studio conveniently located in South St. Louis… ELIJAH! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I always love getting a chance to get friends and loved ones into the studio for a special occasion, and boy did this qualify! Elijah here is the first child of good friends of mine and I felt blessed to be doing this session for them.


I love when Mom and Dad incorporate personal touches and bits of their own personalities into the shoots. It really makes the whole experience so special and very personal. Elijah here was a trooper too.. so good!



How adorable! These truly peaceful moments are a joy to capture, if of course baby is feeling cooperative. Luckily, this little man did a great job and I was really able to get a great variety of different shots.



I can never say it enough, don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of these once in a lifetime photos. They grow so fast and every parent that gets in on the fun tells me how greatfull they are to have they images!