Newborn Girl – St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Just look at this beautiful family! As a newborn photographer in St. Louis I have the honor of being the first to capture so many happy families and this was no exception. My local studio allows me so much freedom in posing and designing these sessions and I absolutely love taking the time to customize each session to the needs and expectations of my clients. And as I have said before, nothing is better than when the whole family gets in on the act. Just look at the smile on Big Sister here, there is no doubt about how much she loves her new sister and I’m sure that they will make a ton of great memories together!




My studio is fully equipped with props, outfits and layering pieces to deliver a unique and special experience to every client I see. That said, I love when the families bring special mementos or heirlooms to incorporate. These blankets were both hand made by baby’s grandmas!


Sleeping babies may be a little easier to work with but I do love getting those smiles and silly looks when the little ones decide to perk up and show their personalities.