Product Spotlight: Wooden Rounds – St. Louis Full Service Photographer

Looking for the perfect heirloom to capture your baby? This set of 6 wooden rounds is a beautiful, sophisticated way to display a set of 6 photos. The feature a matte finish with added texture applied to a stunning wooden round with depth that adds warmth and character.


Choose your own newborn and/or family photos or allow us to create a custom design for you. I was so excited to create this wall collage, it captured baby as well as mom and dad. With new software, we are able to place collages in your home virtually.


If these wooden rounds catch your eye, make sure to mention them at your Consult. Not only can we photograph with your heirloom products in mind, but we can have a mock-up of a collage ready to show you at your Reveal.

Love our new product, but don’t have a session booked at our St Louis studio? We would love to create a collage using photos from a past session. Contact us for more information.