St louis birth photography mom standing holding her child after giving birth at mercy birth center

St. Louis Birth Photographer – Spotlight on Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography

In a world filled with fleeting moments, photography stands as a powerful tool to capture and preserve the beauty of life’s most precious occasions. Today, we have the privilege of highlighting a small business that specializes in documenting the most precious of these moments – Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography. Join us as we get to know the talented St. Louis birth photographer behind the lens, Alex Mooney, and discover how her passion for photography has evolved into a thriving business.

A Passion for Capturing Life

At the heart of Alexandria Mooney Photography is a genuine passion for capturing life’s most meaningful moments. Alex specializes in lifestyle photography, focusing on birth, babies, and family – all in their most natural and candid states. Her work is a testament to her ability to freeze time and encapsulate the raw beauty of these precious moments.

Setting Herself Apart

In a world filled with photographers, Alexandria Mooney Photography stands out for its dedication to capturing birth stories. Alex explained, “I specialize in births, which I feel like so many people may dabble in, but it really takes a specific kind of time commitment and flexibility to really be able to not only do it full time but be profitable with it too. I am one of the few full-time birth photographers in the area, and probably the top one with the fastest turnaround time (usually 24-48 hours until you get your full gallery back).”

What truly sets her business apart is her commitment to supporting families facing difficult, life-altering diagnoses of their babies. She provides bereavement and birth story services free of charge to these families, a gesture that goes beyond photography and extends into the realm of compassion and empathy.

A Tale of Success

Success stories often serve as a testament to the impact a business has on its community. Alexandria Mooney Photography’s success story is truly remarkable. In 2018, Alex was offered an exclusive contract with BJC, specifically Missouri Baptist, to be their official birth (and bereavement) photographer. No other photographer in the area had such an arrangement with a hospital, and this contract opened doors, allowing her to transition from teaching to photography full time.

Constant Learning and Growth

In the field of photography, learning is an ongoing journey. Alex shared, “I feel like I am always learning and growing – online courses, Facebook groups, networking on social media and in person have helped me become the photographer I am today.” Capturing birth stories, in particular, involves a unique kind of training, which can only be gained through firsthand experience. “The biggest training for capturing birth stories is truly getting out there and experiencing birth. It’s nearly impossible to simulate this kind of event, so the best training is actually being at a birth and snapping!”

Busting Misconceptions

Birth photography, like any specialized field, is sometimes met with misconceptions. Alex addressed one of the common misconceptions: “I think the biggest misconception with birth photography is the statement ‘Ugh, why would you want THAT captured?!’ And while I think this statement has dwindled in recent years because of the growing popularity of birth photography, I still run into it, and I feel like it’s my job to educate people that it is so much more than what they are assuming it is. Birth is beautiful. Period.”

Advice for Expectant Mothers

For expectant mothers considering a St. Louis birth photographer Alex offers some valuable advice: “DO YOUR RESEARCH! Make sure whomever you are hiring is licensed, insured, and has great communication skills. Look at their past work to see the kind of style their photos are and how they capture their subjects. ASK QUESTIONS!”

Overcoming Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic presented a significant challenge for birth photography, especially in hospitals with fluctuating visitor restrictions. Alex noted, “Covid really put a huge roadblock in for birth photography, especially in hospitals (which is where I capture most of my birth stories). I felt like the constant back and forth of tightening and loosening visitor restrictions caused a yo-yo effect, and SO MANY PEOPLE just didn’t book births during those few years because they didn’t know if they’d even be allowed to have a photographer.”

However, she persevered, and with the easing of restrictions, she’s seen a resurgence in birth bookings, helping her business regain its momentum.

Future Goals

Looking ahead, St. Louis birth photographer Alexandria Mooney has ambitious goals. Alex expressed, “I just want to keep growing and learning, and keep capturing these truly once-in-a-lifetime stories for families! I’d love to continue to offer video and film services as add-ons and increase my pricing structure to accurately reflect my skills and abilities in this field.”

Birth Stories by Alexandria Mooney Photography is more than a business – it’s a dedicated artist’s heartfelt mission to capture and preserve the most cherished moment in life. To learn more about Alex’s work and the services she offers, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram and Facebook to explore her stunning portfolio and stay updated with her latest work.