woman with red fabric underwater

St. Louis Underwater Photography

There is a magical realm waiting to be explored beneath the water’s surface with Underwater Photography.

If you’re seeking an exhilarating and empowering experience, look no further than underwater photography with Four Fireflies Photography in St. Louis. We specialize in capturing the ethereal beauty of underwater moments. Perfect for beauty, couples, high school seniors, and maternity sessions. Get ready to dive into a world of submerged elegance and create stunning visual memories that will leave you breathless!

Please note, this page includes uncensored nude images.

“Underwater sessions, where do I even begin? This session was one of the most empowering I’ve ever done! Irene paid so much attention to the angles of my curves and created underwater magic! I haven’t always been comfortable with my curves and as I’ve gone through life I’ve learned to love my body more and more and spending time with Irene took my confidence to another level! The challenge of an underwater session was no joke but when I saw my final images at my reveal, I was honestly near tears and may have actually shed a couple when I came home and showed my husband. When Irene asked if she could use these photos, I was hesitant at first but said “go for it” because I’m proud of these photos and I’m proud of me! So if you’re up for the challenge, stop hesitating and take the dive! I mean, who doesn’t want to be a real-life mermaid?”

Danielle, underwater beauty

Underwater photography sessions offer a truly unique and empowering experience that transcends traditional photography. These sessions allow you to explore a realm of beauty, grace, and self-expression. The weightless environment, coupled with the play of light and color beneath the water’s surface, creates a captivating backdrop for stunning and mesmerizing photographs. Tap into your inner strength, embrace your body, and celebrate your individuality. Underwater photography sessions provide a remarkable opportunity to connect with oneself, capturing moments of beauty and elegance that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Underwater Photography FAQ

  • Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, you do need to know how to swim. If you are not a super strong swimmer we can have your session take place in the shallow end only, but will be more limited on posing. You do need to be able to go underwater without holding your nose.

  • What if I can not hold my breath for very long?

That’s ok, I can’t either! You only have to go underwater for 4-10 seconds at a time. Before your session, we will have a practice meeting so you can learn the breathing techniques for a successful session.

  • Where does the session take place?

St. Louis Underwater Sessions take place at a private residence in Chesterfield. Travel sessions to other cities and countries are available

  • What should I wear?

Don’t worry, we provide all outfits and accessories for an underwater session! We will talk before your session to decide what colors and styles will work best for you.

  • Are there any age requirements for an underwater session?

Yes. Participants much be 16 years or older. If you have a child that is under 16 and is a STRONG swimmer, please reach out and we can discuss if an exception can be made.

  • What kind of underwater sessions do you offer?

-Underwater Maternity Sessions

-Underwater Beauty Sessions

-Underwater Couples or Engagement Sessions

-Underwater Highschool Senior Sessions

  • When should I book my session?

Underwater sessions in St. Louis Missouri are available between June and August. Booking at least 3 months in advance is highly recommended. Travel sessions to warmer locations are available year-round.

Booking an underwater photography session with Four Fireflies Photography in St. Louis promises a one-of-a-kind adventure that celebrates your inner strength, beauty, and creativity. So, get ready to take the plunge, immerse yourself in the magic, and create extraordinary memories!