Adaptability is Key!- St. Louis Newborn and Family Photographer

(Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for picture of this family’s final Heirlooms and a video of their album!)

You know, its easy to get used to things going according to plan. As a Newborn Photographer, I am usually contacted months before baby arrives and have plenty of time to meet with clients and prepare their ideal session. But sometimes, things happen.

Take this gorgeous family for instance. Due to circumstances beyond control I was not contacted until after baby had already arrived. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze them into my schedule and we quickly arranged a Virtual Planning Meeting! Mom and Dad were awesome and had a few requests including the inclusion of these adorable wings. Along with the huge selection of dresses, wraps and headbands at my St. Louis Studio, we quickly found a series of looks that met the styles they were after.

This little one did and awesome job and we got a lot of great images!

My favorite part…. The best pose of the entire session was a complete coincidence! Babies often need breaks during a session and, while Mom and Dad were soothing the little one I spotted a shot I couldn’t pass up. They ended up loving it so much they chose that image for their large Wall Art piece.

Even Grandma was so impressed that she requested a set of finished products (and album and wall art) for herself!

I really enjoyed my time with little Marlowe and her family. I s so glad to be able to accommodate their time-frame and I hope they enjoy their custom art for many years to come!